Promoting Literacy

(Y.L.P.) Youth Literacy Program:

“U Can” promotes literacy through our Youth Literacy Program. We make books available for children (girls and boys) between the ages of 4 – 12. We will place age appropriate and cultural relevant children’s books in barbershops and beauty salons in Autauga and Elmore Counties. We anticipate serving eight different locations with expectation of growing. Each shop will have a small area dedicated to our youth with a bookshelf, chairs and around 20 books. The shops that we serve will address a need among our majority African American population. Our goal is to encourage reading and eventually increase proficiency in reading. This effort will increase out-of-school and summertime reading among our youth. Our purpose is to increase proficiency in reading among African American youth and others that we serve.

We partnered with our first barbershop. Thank you Quick & Smooth Barbering in Prattville.

In order to make this effort a success, we will need the support in the form of funding through individuals, businesses, other organizations, and government agencies. Anyone can support us through our GoFundMe Link below.