Youth Literacy Program

“U Can” Community Organization is launching a Youth Literacy Program. We are encouraging young boys and girls to read between the ages of 4 and 12 by placing books in Barbershops & Beauty Salons in Autauga and Elmore Counties. Support us by donating to our GoFundMe Account ttps://

Youth & Family Fun-Ucation Day

We thank everyone who came and supported this event!

We Apologize for any inconvenience, but we had to reschedule this event due to uncertain weather. Our “Youth & Family Fun-Ucation Day will be Saturday, July 8, 2017 and start at 8:00am. This is due to a death in the family and a funeral being scheduled on the same day.
“U Can” Community Organization is hosting our 1st Annual “Youth & Family Fun-Ucation Day” Event. We are bringing Solutions together for this event. This event is scheduled for Saturday, July 8, 2017at 8:00am at the Amphitheater in Prattville, Alabama. We will have fun activities, free food, and available services for our youth. Come out and support this great event.

Community Event “Lunch with an Officer”

“Lunch with an Officer” is a Community Event established by “U Can” Community-Based Organization. During this event law enforcement will speak to our at-risk students who will later have an opportunity to ask questions. There will be time for students, parents, and community volunteers to share positive interactions with law enforcement. Our first event was held in Prattville, Alabama at Rock’s Famous Barbecue. We are looking to take this event to other communities while improving law enforcement and community relations. For more information send inquiry to,

Mentoring Session!

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We ¬†are excited to announce that we recently had our first Mentoring Session under the “U Can” (Universal Community Advocacy Network) Mentoring program umbrella. We met with a couple “at-risk” student at a local school. The interaction with the students went well. They discussed their goals as well as things that they want to do in life. We ask for your prayers and moral support in all that we do in regards to reaching our youth. Our goal is to Reach our Youth before our Youth end up in prison, on drugs, in gangs, or any of the negative things that’s destroying our communities.